May 2024
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Timeline Lynx modules

The company went away quite awhile ago but Lynx modules are still a good way to resolve your multitrack transport to an external clock. I scanned the Lynx I operators manual in two sections:



Here are the cable schematics:

API 550A EQ schematic

I finally got ahold of a hardcopy 550A schematic. The one that is floating around the internet is pretty much unreadable. I scanned it at a higher resolution for you.



I wrote a command line utility that will create a single multi-channel AIFF file from a set of input audio files. It uses the libsndfile library for reading and writing sound files. You can download the OSX (ppc/i386) binary along with the source code here. You you should also be able to easily build it from source on any *nix platform that has libsndfile installed.


TextWrangler plug-ins

TextWrangler is my favorite editor. I made some plug-ins for syntax highlighting. Lately I have been writing assembly for Analog Devices SHARC processors and also a little bit of PIC16 stuff. Here are the TextWrangler plug-ins that I made for their instructions sets. To use them, copy them to ~/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Language Modules.



Updated both language modules fixing a bug which showed up in TextWrangler 3.0.

Studer A820 firmware 0491

We copied the latest Studer A820 firmware revision from existing EPROMs. I actually had to bust out my Commodore 64 EPROM burner to do it. It still works! You can download the EPROM images and burn your own. I wrote a simple C program to compare the checksums of the images to the ones given by Studer. They all checked out.

underline 1.9.5

Underline is a variant of the Openline client, an open source hotline client for MacOS and Windows. 

The primary difference between Underline and the Openline client is that Underline optionally uses blowfish to encrypt connections to servers that support it. Underline only supports encryption on the primary socket and not on sockets established for file transfers. At this time no known hotline client/server supports the encrytion of file transfers. 

Underline (like Openline) is released under the GNU GPL. The source code can be obtained here: underline-src.sit
MacOSX users should use the carbon version of Underline and MacOS9 users should use the classic version, both downloadable here: underline-macos.sit
The Windows version can be downloaded here: